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This the most advanced and exciting area of Anti-Aging medicine where Regenerative options takes up a higher level using the Body's unique healing Method.  We offer Platelet Rich Plasma/Fibrin & pure Amniotic Fluid along with our StemLyft formula designed to give clients the BEST of the BEST in the field of Regenerative Wellness.

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Amniotic Fluid has phenomenal worldwide reputation as being perfect regenerative medicine product.  It has wide range of growth factors, cytotkines, proteins, cells, nutrients.  It is nature’s own recipe for tissue growth and regeneration.

Our Amniotic Fluid is rich in cytokines, proteins, lipids, electrolytes with 200 growth factors & hyalunonic acids.  The natural properties of amniotic fluid help to protect and regenerate injured site.  Avascular, low immunogenic , anti-inflammatory properties of amniotic fluid makes it valuable in the field of pain, skin, hair, sexual health.  We partner with FDA approved amniotic brand which  has no cryo-preservation additives and there is an Undiluted full strength amniotic fluid product.

They exhibit the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tissue along with immunomodulation properties.

Nutrients:  Amniotic Fluid contains a variety of nutrients that encourage soft tissue healing which are eseential in tissue regeneration.

Concentration:  Amnio fluid 100% concentrated with no diluations from cryoprotective agents which offer exceptional medical benefits

Science: StemLyft Amnio- contains:

Growth Factor: Epidermal Growth Factor (good for healing)

Transforming Growth Alfa (TGF, TGF-B1 IGF-1 & G-CSF) all these are critical for growth and development


Cytokines: Special proteins that communicate with tissues in various capabilities such as:

EPO (Erythropoietin):  Stimulates Red Blood Cells for production of oxygenation needed to wounded tissue


Interleukin 1 Beta ( IL-16): Key mediator during inflammatory response & along with IL-6


Amniotic Fluid has a world wide reputation as being the perfect regenerative medicine production.  It has growth factors, cytokines, beneficial proteins, and nutrients.  It is a nature’s perfect own recipe for healing and regeneration.  


StemLyft Brain Health

We offer System I.V. infusion of Exosomes 

Neuro Feedback to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Whole Body Cryo—our IV formula along with Cryo therapy & Neuro Feedback—Optimize your mind and body with our StemLyft Infusion for depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, addiction , and weight loss

Whole body Cryo – has shown to reduce depression, anxiety, mentally stress. 

We combine with your StemLyft Infusion Special formula to maximize brain health benefits for Dementia | Depression | Traumatic Brain Syndrome Disorder. This is an area will focus on research. Restore Brain Health 


Free Cryo Whole body or Facial Cryo session for Scheduling a Tour!

StemLyft IV infusion with Exosomes – unique messenger RNA infusion has ability to stimulate old aging cells to renew into younger cells-  GREAT for those who need some booster for Brain Health—STEMLYFT BIOHACK IV Exosomes  Therapy is unique with special blends of exosomes, glutathione, NAD + to boost up Neuro pathway for Brain. This is  an exciting evidence - based science proctocol  in the field of Anti-aging/ Regenerative medicine.

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This is a new and exciting area of StemLyft Total Wellness

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Scientists believe that NAD has potential in the field of Anti-aging & Rengerantive & Brain Health 

  • Slowing down the rate of decline in aging 

  • Increase Health & Wellness

  • Sharpen your Mind

Brain Health—Keeps your brain in top condition by boosting memory & cognition & improving neurological function at its Cellular Level.

Reverses the effects of aging by preventing and repairing DNA damage and reversing fatigue, improving athletic performance , increasing stamina , and re vitalize your body at its cellular level

NAD can support metabolic function to help you to loose weight, build a healthy muscle tone, increase energy so you can improve your total health.

StemLyft Futurism:  Scientifically proven ways to help reverse aging.



Abundant research has been done to figure out ways treating aging, a condition that doctors are beginning to try to find a “cure”. Anti-aging research now includes a methodology to find the proverbial fountain of youth in a “pill”.  So far no treatment has yet received FDA approval- something the new stem cell method seems close to acquiring.  

With the aging of the population, stem cells hold great promise to treat aging-related disability and fragility, improving physical capacity and quality of life.”  Researcher Joshua M. Hare from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine said in a press release published by journal for Anti-Aging Treatment.


StemLyft wants to be the pioneer in development of protocol to reverse aging with the collaboration of top scientists &  neurologists around the nation.  We have only one  ambitious goal to help people to age gracefully reducing economic burdens for their families.  Join  StemLyft Total Wellness movement today.

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Female Hair Loss

Single treatment with exosomes & micro needling

2cc of Exosomes diluted with 8cc of sterile saline

Injected into area of baldness

After 30 days patient shown the improvement & new hair growth



Male Hair Loss

Single treatment with Exosomes & micro needling

2cc of Exosomes diluted with Sterlie Saline

Injected into area of baldness

After  30 days- 60 days patient shown improvement & new hair growth

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Exosome Systemic IV Therapy


Stemlyft incorporates these vital intracellular messengers to rejuvenate aging tissues.  During an IV systemic Exosome Therapy procedure, exosomes are infused into the body to generate cells and accelerate healing.  StemLyft partnered with a USA FDA certified lab cGMP with 15 year history to provide you 1cc of 5 billions of exosomes.  Exosomes is a minimal manipulated allograf derived from umbilical cord tissue and Wharton’s Jelly Stem cells and is sourced from a proprietary blend of cells developed for growth and repair. 


Exosomes are used in the joint, soft tissue, hair , facial or sexual rejuvenation .  It represents your most cost effective and safe options for fitting biologics in the field of regenerative medicine.  

These Biologix is supplied in 1cc vials, and cost HALF of competitors, which helps fit your aesthetic budget.  For a limited time 60% off our regular price of 1cc of exosomes with 5 billions cells!!!

Call StemLyft to make an appointment to learn more about IV exosomes and see if it is right for you…

For a limited time 60% off our current price of Exosomes – set up an appointment for details 




    *Increase energy level, decrease brain fog

    *Improve immune function

    *Speed up recovery from Viral Illness such as flu

    *Decrease Anxiety & Depression & or Memory Loss

    *Enhance Mental Clarity

    *Enhance Skin Rejuvenation

    *Reduces signs of Aging

    *Improve natural healing

    *Boost Athletic Performance

    * Helps with Erectile Dysfunction ( with PRP ) 

    * Many people feel immediate effects of IV infusions.  For 


 Example if you feel tired, run down, dehydrated, over work you 

 Will feel immediately revitalized hydrating your body without 

 Gastrointestinal side effects absorbing 100% of nutrients vs 25% 

 Absorption of vitamin via the oral route.  

Call StemLyft today or Drop by for an infusion treatment now

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