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StemLyft Cryo Wellness



Whole body Cryo- 3 minute whole body cold Cryo therapy to reduce, pain, inflammation in process of increasing body to heal. Designed for Athletes and weekend warriors to quicken their recovery.  Also for those who want alternative options to combat aches & pain. Benefits include:

Sports Recovery & Performance

Relieve pain & inflammation

Improves Recovery Time

Increase Energy & Stamina

Reduces chronic pain & fibromyalgria

Spot Cryo for Joint pain ( shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, foot)


Cosmetic benefits

Reduces Signs of Aging

Increases collagen production

Improve Skin Texture & Decreasing Pore sizes


Mental Health & BRAIN

Improves Mood  & experience well being

Reduces Stress Levels

Decreases depression & anxiety 

Improves Sleep & Insomnia

Helps with Mild Cognitive Deficit 

Weight Loss

Burn up to 800 calories per session

StemLyft Cellular Wellness

Facial Cryo:

Stimulate & Improve Collagen production, decreasing pores size to improve skin texture and reducing acne scars and reduces wrinkles.

cryo skin before & after picture[2305843
Local & Facial Cryo

Local Cryo: 


Target Area such as back, shoulder, knees, elbow to reduce pain & inflammation & increasing mobility—much more effective than an ice pack when you are in pain.​

Cryo Weight Loss
iv nutrients

I.V. Drips: 

Customized I.V. Vitamin Drips to Rehydrate & Revitalize your system. Modern Lifestyles are high stress and places many demands on your body.  I.V. nutrition is a practical and effective to replenish and restore your body so you can feel your best without taxing the GUT system. 100% absorbed vs oral route

IV Drips

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

Improve oxygenation, speed up recovery, and optimize performance with concentrated oxygen.

Hyperbaric Oxygen
compression therapy service.png

Compression Therapy: 


Maximizes Recovery and reduces swelling on tired legs

Led Light.png
IR sauna / Photo Light Thrapy

Infrared Sauna: 

Detox, reduce stress & inflammation with LED Sauna  to improve energy & increase flexibility

Photo/LED/Light Therapy: 

Red light therapy has healing therapeutic effects on the Brain and Joints which reduce pain & provide anti-oxidants at a Cellular level

✓ Improve Sleep

✓ Reduce Inflammation

✓ Help with Chronic Pain

✓ Increase libido (men/women)

✓ Reduce wrinkles & Stretch Marks

✓ Aid weight loss



Assisted stretching & vibrational therapy with a stretch therapist to increase flexibility of muscles  & joint​

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