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Pathway to human wellness at cellular level. Cells are basic Building Blocks for all living things.  The Human body is composed of trillions of living cells. 

StemLyft Cellular is a wellness lifestyle, IV nutritional vitamins & Cryo therapy, Stretch Base therapy , hyperbaric oxygen therapy — designed to enhance our customer healthy ways of living for enjoyment of life.

4 Pillars of Wellness:

1) Service are evidence-based science

2) Affordable Cost

3) Targeting Mental & Physical Aspect of Health 

4) Education – Fitness & Training so our clients can enjoy life to the maximum peak of their performance

Pathway to Human Wellness at the Cellular Level


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What our patients say

My first experience at StemLyft was great! Ned was awesome, he gave me a tour of all the services they offer and answered all my questions.

I ended up getting my first IV Therapy (The Modern Myer’s Cocktail) and Patricia was great, she was gentle (not a fan of needles) and talked me through what to expect. It’s been a week since having the IV Therapy and I truly felt a difference on my energy and clarity this week.
I will be back!

Whitney A

Been here a couple times already and the staff are very good hearted people , and caring . You won’t regret getting your membership here , and in time with proper treatment you will start feeling the difference. Everyone’s stressed out with the pandemic  ; this joint will surely help boost your mental health clarity , I know it did for me. Very clean and for what you get with affordable prices. 5 stars  all the way.

David M

This place is incredible!!! You can meet all of your health needs in one place, the services of which are too numerous for me to detail here.  That being said, their prices for IV Infusion Therapy are really good, especially if you do a monthly membership.

Next, you can do as I did and get a super deal on a monthly Wellness Membership. For $287 per month, you get 30 total sessions of (take your pick), Cryotherapy, JOOVV Red Light/Near Infrared Therapy, Compression Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Stretch/Body Work Therapy.

Frederick S

The full body cryotherapy was amazing!! My legs hurt bad from a work out two days before i went in and they immediately felt better afterwards.

Great staff and great service. Highly recommended.

Ashton B

Love this place, everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. My husband and I stopped in because he was feeling run down and we had heard about IV drips helping w fatigue abs dehydration. We had driven by this place numerous times so decided to give it a try and glad we did. They offer a lot of services, IV therapy, cryotherapy, oxygen, body stretching and numerous other services. On our first tour we were impressed and signed up for the couples package that includes one drip per month. We had them add vitamins for immune support, they have a list of additives for different needs. We feel so good after visiting that it’s become a weekly visit. They also offered us a “free” try of other services on our first tour, I tried cryogenic and felt great. unfortunately I didn’t have time to stay to try other services available. We love this place and the staff, we have become regulars and so glad it’s close to home.

Ashley G