IV Drips


Customized I.V. Vitamin Drips to Rehydrate & Revitalize your system. Modern Lifestyles are high stress and places many demands on your body.  I.V. nutrition is a practical and effective to replenish and restore your body so you can feel your best without taxing the GUT system. 100% absorbed vs oral route

Wellness starts with the body in perfect harmony & balance:  Stemlyft IV Drips for Total Wellness are designed to promote perfect whole body balance in order to:

  • Increase Energy
  • Boost Immunity
  • Cleanse & Detox
  • 100% absorption without taxing the body



Exosomes – A Regenerative Therapy for a Better Quality of Life

Exosome Therapy helps to promote Cellular regeneration and restore tissue function which may benefit you by:

  • Reducing Pain & Restore Physical Function
  • Improving Body overall healing ability
  • Accelerates your recovery after injury.
  • Improves Brain Fog
  • Improves Sx of Parkinson’s

Our Team at StemLyft with the partnership with neurologist & pain management physicians offer treatment options to stimulate your body’s own natural healing ability.  One of the key components of functional and regenerative medical field is the use of EXOSOMES

  • What are Exosomes?
    They are tiny bubbles of cellular material that originate from inside cells called messenger RNA. These internal vesicles contain proteins and genetic material and other important molecules. Exosomes can travel to other parts of body to influence cell functions and crossing the BRAIN blood barrier which can help with Mental Disorder. When placing young Exosomes next to old exosomes the old exosomes start mimicking young ones and acting like young ones again. Studies have shown when older mice are injected with younger mice exosomes the older mice start behaving like younger mice in physical performance such as running the maze faster than those who were not injected with younger mice exosomes.
  • So they are better than STEM cells?
    In some cases, yes the regenerative properties can be more efficient due to inter cellular communications & signaling process they offer a better options than STEM cells especially for IV infusion therapy crossing blood BRAIN barrier.
  • What are result Expectations?
    Our physicians will make personal recommendations after listening to your symptoms. Our medical professional will consult with you first to determine if you are a candidate for EXOSOME therapies- Cutting edge therapy in the field of Anti-aging / Regenerative Medicine and Brain Health Biohack proctocol with STemLyft Total Wellness Therapy.
  • Can Exosomes Improve my mental health?
    We are doing research & conducting studies with the same questions to see if Exosomes is the future in helping mental conditions such as Brain Fog, Depression, Mental Stress, Mental Fatigue— That is the goal in our Brain Health Biohack program. Restore & Renew & Rejuvenate your mental & physical well being
  • How long does it take for exosomes to work?
    The messenger RNA, which will “reprogram” your aging cells. Usually takes 6-8 weeks. The continued beneficial effects may continue for months afterwards.
  • What is exosomes Therapy?
    The Exosomes treatment contains growth factors, messenger RNA, micro RNA, Cytokines , and other biologically active molecules in conjunction with stem cell therapy to speed up healing effects. IV Exosomes therapy along with vitamin wellness formularies developed by StemLyft for purpose of anti-aging and rejuvenation.
  • What is IV Exosomes Treatment?
    IV will be inserted into your vein. Stemlyft staff will infuse an wellness vitamin proctocol with B complex, Vitamin C , Vitamin D to prepare your body. Stemlyft Exosomes will be infused after wards as 1cc has 5 billions exosomes cells as the infusion will flood your body with the messengers that support cellular repair. We use exosomes derived from progenitor cells found in placenta tissue of elected c- section. These young progenitors cells will produce more cytokines and other proteins that your body need to create new cells, which creates an advantage of using young perinatal cells over exosomes from aged autologous cells harvested from your body.
  • What are benefits of IV Exosome Treatment?
    IV exosome can increase effects of other regenerative treatments to reduce inflammation & cross blood brain barrier and other tissues that interfere with your wellness. The treatment can reduce signs of aging such as hair loss, wrinkles , brain fog, fatigue, depression, mental stress, erectile dysfunction, and many joint pain conditions.