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This is a new and exciting area of StemLyft Total Wellness

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STEMLYFT Total Cellular Wellness




StemLyft NAD+ formulation  is designed with its sole purpose to:  Transform & Renew your BRAIN . Since it is a unique IV Vitamin formulation along with NAD+, STEMLYFT BIOHACK IV therapy   will supercharge your body at cellular level restoring your brain to its youth again.


Benefits are :

  • Anti-aging

  • Clear Brain Fog

  • Improve Mental Clarity

  • Boost energy

  • Memory & Concentration

  • Improve athletic performance

  • Superior Immune Support

  • Detox & Cleanse

  • Support addiction recovery

  • Fights Fatigue & Mental Stress

  • Energize your physical & mental wellbeing

  • Improves Sleep 

  • Reducing Anxiety & Depression

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Stemlyft special combination of Vitamins designed to enhance the efficacy of NAD for maximal results.

NAD ( nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is an amino acid and coenzyme of Niacin ( Vitamin B3) that is found in every cell in your body.  NAD plays a vital role in the “power house “ of your cells.  At Stemlyft we designed a unique formulations of Vitamins & NAD & Glutathione & Exosomes along with our unique proctocol to restore the brain back to its healthy stage.  Our goals are to deliver a futuristic approach to Brain Health that will be the pioneer of brain neuroplasticity.  Brain has the power of regeneration & Neuroplasticity will be the “ key” word in restoring Brain Health.

At StemLyft we partner with the Nation top notch neurologists to develop a procotcol for brain research in the field of neuroplasticity & brain recovery from various conditions such as : traumatic brain injury ( TBI) , chronic brain encephalopathy ( CBE)  , chronic brain injury ( CBI)  as seen in those who suffered any kind of injuries to the brain .  

Our goal is to improve Brain Health thru nutrients, meditation, brain stimulation, neuro feeback, IV exosomes, NAD + , Vitamins.   Harmony, Balance =  Total Wellness

We offer System I.V. infusion of Exosomes 

Neuro Feedback to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia 

Mindfulness Meditation 

Whole Body Cryo—our IV formula along with Cryo therapy & Neuro Feedback—Optimize your mind and body with our StemLyft Infusion for depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, addiction , and weight loss

Whole body Cryo – has shown to reduce depression, anxiety, mentally stress. 

We combine with your StemLyft Infusion Special formula to maximize brain health benefits for Dementia | Depression | Traumatic Brain Syndrome Disorder. This is an area will focus on research, Restore Brain Health 


Free Cryo Whole body or Facial Cryo session for Scheduling a Tour!

StemLyft IV infusion with Exosomes – unique messenger RNA infusion has ability to stimulate old aging cells to renew into younger cells-  GREAT for those who need some booster for Brain Health—STEMLYFT BIOHACK IV Exosomes  Therapy is unique with special blends of exosomes, glutathione, NAD + to boost up Neuro pathway for Brain. This is  an exciting evidence - based science proctocol  in the field of Anti-aging/ Regenerative medicine.

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Scientists believe that NAD has potential in the field of Anti-aging & Rengerantive & Brain Health 

  • Slowing down the rate of decline in aging 

  • Increase Health & Wellness

  • Sharpen your Mind

Brain Health—Keeps your brain in top condition by boosting memory & cognition & improving neurological function at its Cellular Level.

Reverses the effects of aging by preventing and repairing DNA damage and reversing fatigue, improving athletic performance , increasing stamina , and re vitalize your body at its cellular level

NAD can support metabolic function to help you to loose weight, build a healthy muscle tone, increase energy so you can improve your total health.




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