Understanding Total Wellness

Total wellness is important to everyone.

  1. Physical wellness
  2. Intellectual wellness
  3. Occupational wellness
  4. Emotional wellness
  5. Environmental wellness
  6. Financial wellness
  7. Spiritual wellness
  8. Social wellness

Why are the 8 dimensions of wellness important?

Why wellness matters: Wellness matters because it effects every category of our lives. Focusing on our wellness helps us thrive amidst life’s every day challenges, improve our health, reduce risks of illness, increase our longevity, increase positive life outcomes, achieve more goals, and live the life we really want to be living.

Each of the 8 dimensions are important in the pursuit of wellness, and each is interconnected with the others. For example, exercising (physical wellness), can affect our mood (emotional wellness). Addressing and understanding all 8 dimensions in our lives helps us attain an optimal level of health, wellness and fulfillment.

We can help you with aspects of your overall health.